An Uplifting Solution to Integrate All Communications

Upmood was founded with a precise vision in mind: to improve the social environment through addressing and understanding emotional awareness.

Measuring Happiness Using Wearable Technology

A ground-breaking emotion tracking wearable start-up


Upmood was founded with a precise vision in mind: to improve the social environment through addressing and understanding emotional awareness. In recent years, mental health awareness has without a doubt become an elevating concern to governments, organisations and people around the world. This led the topic to become less of a cultural stigma with more accessibilty to help. Upmood is the first real-time emotion detection wearable and app seeking to actively tackle this problem, bringing awareness through social experience.

The Upmood watch continuously collects biodata from the user’s heart rate and contractions using an optical sensor and sends it to the Upmood app for analysis. Insights to heart rate, stress level, vitality level and emotion are displayed for a deeper understanding of emotional self-awareness. Social networking and support through the app are available to further the experience through sharing and building emotion communities. With the business centred around emotions, it was a necessity for Upmood's products and services to promote positive emotions, most importantly in Customer Service.  


Rapid growth requiring a quick omnichannel solution to handle customer enquiries


Hong Kong SAR


Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines




Consumer Electronics / Wearables

With CINNOX, we can instantly respond to our customers on any communication channel!

Charles Lo

Founder of Upmood

With Expansion Comes Opportunity

Since its launch, Upmood has undergone rapid expansion, serving not only individuals but also businesses within fitness, research, workspace, entertainment and customer service industries. As it grew, Upmood wanted to upgrade its customer engagement and team collaboration.  

Upmood required a communications solution with the versatility and agility to support two areas of its business, customer service and internal collaboration. Also, the solution had to be intuitive and user-friendly to provide an emotionally cohesive and holistic experience for its brand.

"I wished for a solution that enable enquiries to be handled more efficiently by reducing lead response time. As the product is sold on the official website and has a strong online presence, enquiries will come in through a myriad of channels." said Kemberly L., Head of Customer Service at Upmood. "These include email, contact form, phone, Facebook and Instagram. Managing these channels was a challenge and we had difficulty in keeping on top of responses"

Upmood's team is split into three locations: Hong Kong, Manila and Taipei with cross team collaboration taking place on a social media based online collaboration tool. Aside from issues arising from the separation of work and personal life, another major concern laid in privacy, especially when sending internal proprietary communication. With these issues in mind, a new collaboration hub was essential for Upmood.

CINNOX - Creating a New Experience

Once the decision was made to go with CINNOX, the whole solution was deployed within a day, ready to be used in all three locations.

The first feature to go live was the communication web widget. Extremely versatile, the live chat solution was fully customised by the Upmood team to align with the visuals of their website, ensuring cohesive branding all around.

Being able to fully customise the CINNOX chatbox to fit with the overall aesthetics of our website is fantastic!

Andrea D.

UI/UX Manager at Upmood

Promoting Positivity in Customer Experience

Since using CINNOX, the Customer Support team now conveniently reply to enquiries from their desk or on the go. Instant responses are made possible with live notifications and with all chat history saved, agents are supplied with the contextual knowledge to personalise conversations. This joyful transformation to the customer journey opens the doors to new opportunities where deeper and more meaningful relationships are created.

Transformed Collaboration for an International Team

Internally, Customer Support and Management level colleagues are equipped with CINNOX for instant chat and calls. Drastic improvements in internal collaboration have been found especially in confidence when sharing information thanks to full privacy and data protection using CINNOX's proprietary technology and private network. The teams have also enjoyed CINNOX’s mobile UI/UX which has a more direct, easy to understand interface. Now that internal collaboration is a breeze, it is clear to see that CINNOX has shaped a new positivity between teams.

CINNOX's dashboard is so easy to use, we customised and setup the web widget within 30 minutes. The first customer enquiry came through within 10 minutes of deployment!

Robert G.

Marketing Manager at Upmood

CINNOX and Upmood: Designing Emotions Through Communications

Ultimately, CINNOX provides Upmood with a platform that places human emotions at the core of its solution. The integration not only serves as an extension, but as an enhancement of Upmood's values and services by delivering quality care and support to all. With plans of including CINNOX on its sister sites, Upmood Insight and Upmood Design Lab, Upmood continues its journey with CINNOX to take its business onwards and upwards.

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