Customer engagement engineered  for retailers

Convert online traffic to paying customers, leverage visitor intelligence to create seamless experiences, empower teams with smart, efficient tools.

Leap ahead of the competition

Power your business with CINNOX so your teams can efficiently deliver standout customer experiences and set a new standard for customer engagement.

Sounds familiar?

Struggling with high shopping cart abandonment rates?
Many customers drop out when they can’t find easy answers to questions, but the presence of live chat gives 79% the confidence to purchase.
Are you held back by a lack of data about your visitors?

Most customers are less willing to share personal information online than offline, leading to weak digital experiences due to a lack of personalisation.
Is more time spent handling tools than engaging customers?
Poorly designed and disconnected systems mean hours wasted juggling between apps and passing customers around different staff.

Take your business forward with these tools

Drive your customer’s experience
Guide customers along the full purchase journey from awareness to sale. Drive the experiences your customers desire, with rich multimedia support along the way.
Know who you’re talking to instantly
Get all the data you need to turn prospects into paying customers. Access visitor intelligence and communication history for every customer, across every channel.
Work smarter so you can focus more on what matters
Set up smart routing and intelligent enquiry handling processes so teams can focus more on quality of service rather than juggling systems and settings.