Cinnox for govt/ utilities

Ease anxiety and build trust with efficient communication

Understand and measure your public standing and mood. Track progress of policy implementation and take action to deliver your mission.

Build the interconnected smart city of the future

Modernise your services and support to improve efficiency, relevancy, and reduce costs

Public engagement

Local communities are more diverse than ever before. Take control of CX to ensure everyone can access the support they need, on their preferred channel, at their own pace.

Efficient and effective inbound interactions and proactive outreach, all-in-one
Personalise every interaction, no matter the department, agency or channel
Do it all with confidence that data is secure and compliant

Crisis response

It’s difficult to respond quickly with teams operating in silos and disconnected systems. Unify everything in an integrated solution.

Reduce wait time and queues with AI-powered self-service support
Route questions to the right department for efficient and effective resolution
Let staff work from anywhere with all the tools they need secured in the cloud
Gain visibility into request volume, advanced reporting and sentiment analysis

Cost savings

Put funds back into meaningful projects that improve the wellbeing of citizens.

Retire legacy hardware with high operating expenses for modern cloud applications
Use automation and AI to reduce workloads and prioritise interactions
Free up employee time to focus on engagements that are key to your mission

Smart planning

All employee and citizen engagement in one platform building accurate insights for strategic planning.

Unlock insights from detailed analysis of telephone and digital, customer and staff data
Understand public mood, location data, and what resources are under pressure all in one pane of glass

You're in Good Hands

Market potential | CINNOX

Safe, secure, compliant

Secure by design, GDPR compliant, certified for ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 20000.
unlock new opportunities | CINNOX

Carrier-grade standard

Coverage in 150+ countries, direct interconnections with 160+ carriers.

World-class support

Rely on 24/7 support accessible worldwide, dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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