Miracle IT Solutions Retains and Gains Customers with CINNOX

Miracle IT Solutions, a one-stop-shop for IT and cloud-based services, turned to CINNOX for a scalable and secure platform to improve customer engagement for retention that delivered real-time insights.

Empowering Businesses through Innovation


Miracle IT Solutions is a provider of end-to-end IT services with a focus on cloud hosting and backup, IT support, maintenance and implementation. Founded in 2016, they have rapidly expanded throughout Asia within a highly competitive market but to maintain growth momentum, customer retention is their top challenge.  

With customer experiences being more important than ever, Miracle IT Solutions determined this to be the key differentiator and growth driver. In their search for a product to support their expansion, the team considered multiple solutions before selecting CINNOX’s ESSENTIALS plan which they quickly upgraded to BUSINESS for its additional features and capabilities in solving their business challenges.  

The omnichannel platform offered efficiency with unrivalled ROI and security. A cost analysis showed increased productivity versus money spent while high grade security ensured protection of all customer data.  

Company Overview

Miracle IT Solutions helps modern businesses upgrade performance with state of the art IT solutions and services.  


To find a cloud-based communications solution that is scalable while allowing the company to maintain service quality and reliability for customer retention.  




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Simplifying processes through integrated communications

Composed of a dynamic and experienced team of IT professionals, communication typically occurs between staff – staff who on occasion collaborate remotely, and customer – staff where enquiries would pour in through multiple channels.  

Unifying all internal and external communications with invaluable features such as smart routing, video conferencing, file transfer and screensharing into a cloud-based platform means enquiries are now handled better and faster.

Staff enjoy the very user friendly interface which allows them to simplify processes while solving business challenges.  

Scalability through omnichannel capabilities

As Miracle IT Solutions expanded, a greater disconnect grew between their disparate system for handling enquiries and managing customer relationships. After making the switch to CINNOX, all customer contact information is immediately stored in its lightweight CRM system - whether enquiries came through instant messaging platforms, social media or live chat. With all communication history and customer data across different channels unified into one scalable platform, Miracle IT Solutions is now able to provide the meaningful engagement needed to guarantee lasting business relationships. All communication records and customer profiles are stored centrally, enabling staff to connect and communicate with clients even if other staff left the company, are travelling, or there is simply a need to recall key points from past conversations through call recording and chat history.

High standard security for full data protection  

Due to the nature of its business, security is paramount for Miracle IT Solutions. Choosing CINNOX opened the doors to a range of advanced security features of full data protection. Multi-user access control and built-in two-factor authentication mitigates risks from unauthorised access and reduce vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks.

With all communication fully secured and encrypted including voice and video calls, CINNOX is the only cloud communications solution that Miracle IT Solutions could rely on to scale securely.  

Real-time insights and reporting  

Having established customer retention as its priority, tracking metrics is crucial in understanding progress and troubleshooting problem areas. CINNOX’s unlimited real-time insights and reporting provides admins with rich visualisation to powerful analytics including incoming enquiries, handling times, staff productivity etc.  

The collection of all this real-time data plays a critical role in determining KPIs for customer servicing to take the business to new heights.

“We initially started with the ESSENTIALS plan but after enjoying the increase in engagement and conversions it brought, we decided to upgrade to the BUSINESS plan for its capabilities and ROI.

Since its implementation, we have enjoyed a 65% increase in engagement while gaining a deeper understanding of our business and customers. Closer and more meaningful relationships have formed between our staff and customers, leading to improved retention rates. It’s our pleasure to grow with CINNOX!”

Idy Chan

Founder of Miracle IT Solutions.