No Office, No Problem

CINNOX removes the communications barriers that are considered to be the pitfalls of a dispersed workforce, equipping companies with the best business continuity tools for customer engagement and internal collaboration.

Did you know?


85% of businesses say greater flexibility increases productivity.


57% of employers say remote work flexibility improves morale.


65% of businesses say flexible workspaces help reduce CAPEX / OPEX and mitigate risk.


54% of office workers prefer employers that offer more flexibility.

Up in the Cloud

Stay connected to your customers and colleagues with the most powerful customer engagement and collaborative tools, built directly into a single, intuitive, cloud-based platform. Sales, projects, and goals are completed with the greatest of ease when all your productivity solutions are within the four sides of your screen.

Browser and Mobile App
Your remote & on-the-go, 360° communications suite.
Virtual Numbers
Instantly set up phone numbers from 150+ countries.
Dial Pad Calls
Global outbound reach with local caller display (CLI).
Call Forwarding
Forward your calls to stay connected from anywhere, on any device.
Intelligent Routing
Enquiries reach the right agents the first time, every time.
Centralised Visibility
All your communications channels and reports in a single screen.