CINNOX for Retails

Make your Business Stand-out

Deliver competitive experiences across the customer journey that build loyalty and grow sales.

Cater to every customer persona

Stitch together customer data from every touchpoint and deliver their best journey on whatever channel they want, how they want it.

Recreate the in-store “vibe” online

Grow your business beyond four-walls and don’t lose that human touch your business is loved for in your local community.

Engage customers anywhere in the world without restrictions
Personalise every engagement with a bespoke and frictionless omnichannel journey
Match every customer with the best suited staff
Bring your store to the people through 1-1 video powered retail experiences
Collect and analyse rich interaction data to constantly improve experiences

Instant enquiry resolution

Resolve enquiries at the first instance with short wait times by knowledgeable staff, and provide AI powered, data-backed options for self-service seekers.

Map out persona journeys, curate experiences with dynamic and contextual widget directories and the most flexible range of intelligent routing settings
Know which customers need human support and which prefer self-service
Centralise all team and customer communication to provide faster support for complex enquiries

Partner all teams from across the customer lifecycle

No support team is an island, bring together support, marketing, product and sales teams. Ensure previously unstructured cross-function data is analysed and accessible.

Remove silos and bring together data in one consistent form
Turn conversation intelligence into new products, strategies, or better resource and supply planning

You're in Good Hands

Market potential | CINNOX

Safe, secure, compliant

Secure by design, GDPR compliant, certified for ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 20000.
unlock new opportunities | CINNOX

Carrier-grade standard

Coverage in 150+ countries, direct interconnections with 160+ carriers.

World-class support

Rely on 24/7 support accessible worldwide, dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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