Unified Connectivity, Diversified Intelligence

By unifying data, people, AI and experiences on one place, CINNOX empowers organisations to design, craft, and unleash the power of ‘X’perience in motion to create winning moments for teams and customers.

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Trusted by 1,000+ businesses globally

Embracing the Spirit of Intellectual Transcendence

Blaze the trail from personalised interactions to frictionless experiences

Leverage the power of a unified CX and EX solution to create a truly connected, intuitive, and immersive experience.

Blur the lines between digital and traditional touchpoints

Deliver a consistent brand experience across digital and traditional contact points to drive growth.

  • Merge modern digital and traditional telephony touchpoints
  • Seamlessly switch between multimedia experiences
  • Know what your customers want before they ask
Unified ecosystem for supersonic resolutions

Create a cohesive ecosystem to deliver faster, first-time resolution. Pair your customers with right experts to build a rewarding relationship through consistent interactions.

  • Create personalised services using AI-powered flexible routing capabilities to engage and convert faster
  • Envision, design, and deliver shared customer and employee experiences by unifying AI and human services
  • Break down organisation barriers by seamlessly connecting EX to CX without jumping between multiple systems
Empower your teams with up-to-the-moment data

Stay ahead of the curve by having a finger on the pulse of customer expectations on every touchpoint from a unified, data-led platform.

  • Easily capture real-time data across all customer touchpoints and democratise data for all internal teams
  • Power your pipeline by synching customer data from all the tools you use every day
  • Harness the power of contextual customer data to scale your business to the next level
Seamlessly orchestrate cross-channel conversions

Win customers for life, increase conversions, and optimise your sales process instantly across all touchpoints to turn your prospects into customers.

  • Connect and engage with customers on their preferred channels in real time
  • Gain accurate understanding of your customers with labelled data to drive personalisation at scale and make every interaction count
  • Engage deeply with your customers with multimedia communications
Hybrid solution for increasing customer lifetime value

Enhance your team’s tech stack to deliver seamless, positive experiences while improving your bottom line.

  • Arm your agents with the right knowledge to easily identify potential cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Automate flow of support with flexible enquiry routing and allow your customers to choose who they want to interact with or even get AI bots to solve common questions
  • Consistently deliver positive, personalised experiences by pairing customers with agents they interacted with previously
Build a collaborative ecosystem for your workforce to thrive

Give your team a shared perspective with a unified knowledge centre for simplified collaboration and enhanced productivity.

  • Collate data from all tools onto one platform for a holistic perspective of customer journey
  • Empower distributed, cross-functional teams to work efficiently together with real-time visibility into metrics and insights
  • Unify internal teams and customer support to provide shared ownership for delivering wholesome experiences

What makes us different

A powerful, start-in-a-minute, secure solution that’s built to ensure business agility.

Trust breeds trust

Security, transparency, and privacy are the three pillars on which our commitment to protect customer data stands. We are always vigilant and maintain the highest global standards with the strictest, most comprehensive approach to data encryption, data backup and recovery, and data protection systems, helping highly regulated businesses meet strict compliance standards.

Unified CX and EX

CINNOX quintessentially brings together customer and employee identities, multiple channels, communication devices, and customer data from various system onto one platform, providing an ecosystem where CX insights can be shared, applied, and aligned to EX initiatives, and vice versa.

Visualise data stories

Gain access to the complete insights by having a comprehensive view of the historical customer interaction data in sync with customer profile, sentiment analysis, behavioural data from a centralised data pool that empowers you to make informed decision making. The data gathered from the human-AI collaboration afforded by convergence of data in a pool helps in making progressive predictions.

Global Compliance Standards

GDPR Compliance

Quality Management

Cloud Security

Information Security

IT Service Management

What People Said About Us

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Omnichannel support
The ability to combine all communication channels into a single platform, enabling seamless omnichannel communication. CINNOX provided quick solutions to any setup issues we encountered.

Michael C.

WhatsApp Business to drive growth
What I like about CINNOX is its clean and clear interface. It's easy to set up and use. The integration of WhatsApp Business is a game-changer for our in-house support and customer help desk, solving our multichannel communication challenges.

Rex C.

Carefree support and partnership
CINNOX provides consistent support and closely partners with us to meet our needs. Their clear product roadmap helps us plan our digital business strategy. Enabled us to gain deep insights into our customers by centralising conversational data.

Hans L.

Revolutionise customer connections
CINNOX offers a unified approach to engaging customers on their preferred channels. It is important to engage with them in the ways they liked to connect with us, not the other way around, ultimately solving the issue of fragmented communication.

Benny Y.

Powerful engagement platform with clean interface
Supports cross-communication between on-net and off-net, allowing for seamless customer interaction through popular social media platforms. With all enquiries handled on a single platform, call forwarding is no longer necessary. CINNOX simplifies routing for different staff and directories

Peter L.

Connect CINNOX with tools you already use

Integrate our solution with the most popular tools. Build personalised experiences with data from multiple applications readily available at your fingertips.

Read what our customers say

Hear what companies like yours have to say about how needle-moving customer and employee experiences transformed their business.

"CINNOX’s scalable turnaround solution streamlines our engagement initiatives across borders, especially in highly regulated countries, where procuring virtual numbers can be quite a task without the right partner onboard. Tapping into CINNOX’s digital toll-free solution helped us simplify the engagement process for our guests, as well as curb the operational expenses incurred on virtual numbers."
"Our operations span across many countries and we have to ensure our engagement initiatives adhere to each country’s highly regulated policies. CINNOX’s compliance to international standards for telecom and data security allows us to roll out inclusive solutions on a global scale without apprehension."
"CINNOX’s intuitive solution powers our CSR initiative to provide ease-of-communication to our customers with speech impediment by empowering us to be more agile and inclusive by enabling us to have a unified view of our interaction history with customers. By actively manning the doors to live chat, we’ve not only provided instant support for our customers all over the globe by actively collaborating in meting out resolutions in real-time, but also managed to bring down our first response time and give faster resolution."

Access all the tools you need for CX and EX, then decide which plan best suits your business.

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Install in one minute. No credit card required
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Install in one minute. No credit card required.
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