About us

CINNOX is a comprehensive SaaS platform that unifies traditional and digital channels, for both outbound and inbound communications. We help businesses connect, orchestrate, and evaluate all employee and customer interactions, to deliver frictionless omnichannel engagement. Our product goal is to completely transform the way customer engagement is managed, using the latest available tools from big data to machine learning.

As part of the M800 family, we can count on a powerful technology and support base to deliver seamless and reliable customer experiences. Established in 2007, M800 was founded by a group of telecommunications pioneers with a vision to revolutionize global communications – bringing together over 200 researchers, engineers, and product developers from Hong Kong and Taiwan. We leverage global expertise and a comprehensive partner network of over 160 global carriers to deliver innovative telecommunications, mobile, and software solutions to enterprise-level customers and small businesses alike.

In 2020, the company leveraged M800’s years of telecom expertise and global IP network to launch what would become Cinnox (originally known as ‘maaiiconnect’) – a cloud-based customer engagement platform built to scale.

Our mission

To be a global leader in omnichannel engagement and analytics solutions.