Team Collaboration

Enhanced productivity

Simplified collaboration for better results. Give your staff the best tools available so they can contribute when, where, and how they need to – to deliver better customer experiences and boost team synergy.

Anytime. Anywhere. Any device

Empower your distributed teams
Let your staff work together no matter where they are, using our web-based platform or app.
All-in-one communications suite
Handle all communications – both internal and external - from a single platform combining phone, chat, video call with screen sharing, email channels and more.

Seamless experiences

Let your team find their flow
Break down silos and boost efficiency with a cloud-based employee communication system, complete with assignable structures, permissions and feature access.
Put AI bots in charge of routine work
Smart automation rules improve teamwork, while chatbots handle basic and repetitive questions - freeing up your team to focus on doing amazing things.

Internal to external

Share the workload with smart routing
Direct customers to the right team member with customisable routing options, for both traditional telecom and digital channels.
Chat. Call. Video. Screen-sharing
Verify customer identities, share documents and ‘how-to’ walk throughs, and build trust by talking face-to-face.

Productivity at scale

Bridge the insight-to-action gap
Collect, organise and process critical data that can deliver better ROI for your business.
Enhance performance with APIs
Improve your workflow by integrating tools your teams use every day. Create a personalised hub to manage all your customer interactions.
Real-time performance analysis at scale
Compare real-time performance and track historical trends to improve workflows and optimise efficiency, no matter how busy things get.

Why use CINNOX?

A powerful and fully secure solution that you can depend on. Trusted by more than 1,000 enterprises worldwide covering FSI, retail and ecommerce, telecom, and more.

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Boost digital conversions
Scale quickly. Get up and running in minutes to elevate your business performance through effective collaboration.
Safe, secure, compliant
Secure by design, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 certified.
Carrier-grade network
Service Level Agreement (SLA) of guaranteed 99.95% uptime, 24/7 support.
One platform, one interface
One united interface to manage omnichannel customer engagement and multimedia experiences.