Dream Work Starts with Team Work

Team work and collaboration coincide with success. Today, they transcend the four walls of an office and span across borders, necessitating a centralised platform for dispersed workforces that thrive on connectivity, clarity and continuity.

Did you know?


83% of employees depend on technology to collaborate.


97% of employees believe team alignment is pivotal to project success.


86% of employees report effective communication helps eliminate workplace failures.


80% of businesses use social collaboration tools for enhancing business processes.

Bridging the Distance

Great collaboration starts with great communication. CINNOX’s full suite of cloud-based communications solutions help elevate problem-solving and creativity that are typically facilitated by in-person office interactions. At the same time, all of the features are stored on the cloud and accessible through a web browser or the mobile app, so everyone stays connected no matter the location and distance.

Collaboration Hub
Manage client communications from all channels on one platform for consistent and seamless engagement.
Web Voice Calls & Video Calls
Voice and video calls with just an internet connection.
Conference Calls
Invite up to 60 participants with the press of a button.
Screen Sharing
Enrich your communication experience.
1:1 & Group Chat
Engage, collaborate, and promote with smart messaging.
Contact Management
Consolidate and interact with all external and staff contacts.
File Sharing
Share more information with 2-way file transfer on chat.