Transform Customer Support with Live Chat & Call Software. Deliver live human support on your customers' preferred channels at every touchpoint. Exceed their expectations by providing seamless "In Real Life" experiences.

Connect | CINNOXConnect | CINNOX

Bridge the telecom and digital divide

Break down barriers and create relevant, frictionless experiences by seamlessly switching between social media, video, and phone channels. Adapt your responses to meet customer needs across multiple platforms, ensuring seamless communication at every touchpoint.

One customer, one conversation

Know who you are talking to and how best to interact with them. Keep the conversation going across every touchpoint.

Unify cross-channel customer data and communication history
See the customer’s journey in a single view
Personalize responses with intent and sentiment data
One customer, one conversation - CINNOX

Next gen conversational commerce

Improve response rates, times, and customer satisfaction through a centralized workspace that’s efficient and optimized for staff performance.

WhatsApp Business
Facebook Messenger
Use Virtual Numbers for WhatsApp Business accounts
Next gen conversational commerce - CINNOX

Greet, support, engage

Convert web traffic into customers with the web widget on your website or app. Live chat, call, and video with customers – no downloads required.

Set up in seconds, cloud-based, no code expertise
Dynamic to adapt to any promotion or page
Be proactive to prompt interactions with visitors
Create rich and meaningful multimedia experiences
Greet, support, engage | CINNOX

O2O engagement solution

Unlock the power of online-to-offline (O2O) engagement by launching international SMS campaigns with an outstanding 98% open rate. Humanize traditional touchpoints like emails, name cards, or packaging through innovative strategies.

Place direct chat/call links and QR codes on anything you desire
Start an instant chat, web, or video call with a simple click or scan
Add direct chat/call links to SMS to combat international roaming fees
Fast and reliable SMS delivery worldwide
O2O engagement | CINNOX

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