Fairwood Serves Promotions To Diners Using CINNOX

Fairwood integrated WhatsApp chats as omnichannel inquiries, enabling them to send promotional offers while seeing all customer interactions in one place and better understanding their dining preferences.


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Fairwood has been guided by a single mission from its inception in 1972: to serve quality food at affordable prices for every taste and dining preference. Not afraid of tackling change, the SARS outbreak in 2003 spurred them to rebrand. During the recent pandemic, it launched its "Click-and-collect" online ordering platform in 2020.

The online platform allowed customers to enjoy a familiar Fairwood meal in the comfort and safety of their own homes. It also addressed the dining restrictions put in place during the pandemic. By placing an order online and paying for it, customers can pick up their order with little human contact from their nearest Fairwood store.

Despite serving well over 100,000 diners every day across all of its outlets, Fairwood's interactions with its customers ended after each meal. Fairwood wanted a way to maintain conversations with loyal consumers and notify them of upcoming promotions. It also needed a solution that could grow with its marketing needs.


Customer conversations in an instant

Fairwood chose the popular WhatsApp messaging network to maximise its market reach with local Hong Kong diners. Promotional marketing messages are sent in WhatsApp that contain seasonal and festival specials, encouraging recipients to visit a Fairwood store or take advantage of the offer on their "Click-and-collect" platform.

Extensible platform for more channels

Fairwood also wanted a platform that could grow with their business needs. They may, for example, consider engaging customers in Mainland China using the popular WeChat instant messaging app. Other possibilities may include adding a WhatsApp chatbot to answer common inquiries about store opening hours and daily specials.

Quick installation and dedicated support

CINNOX was ultimately picked by Fairwood because it was user-friendly and simple to use, resulting in faster agent onboarding time. Plus, CINNOX's close partnership with WhatsApp business service providers meant getting prompt and dedicated support in setting up and administering their WhatsApp Business API account.

"CINNOX’s intuitive solution powers our CSR initiative to provide ease-of-communication to our customers with speech impediment by empowering us to be more agile and inclusive by enabling us to have a unified view of our interaction history with customers. By actively manning the doors to live chat, we’ve not only provided instant support for our customers all over the globe by actively collaborating in meting out resolutions in real-time, but also managed to bring down our first response time and give faster resolution."


Driving repeat dining experiences

Compared with traditional print and online marketing efforts, WhatsApp opens up new opportunities to engage customers in repeat dining experiences. By consistently sending promotional messages, Fairwood will always be in the mind of consumers who want a quick and affordable meal in an outlet or the comfort of their home.

Understanding customer preferences

When the WhatsApp Business API is paired with the CINNOX platform, it creates a powerful and lightweight CRM solution. Since WhatsApp chats are treated as omnichannel inquiries, agents can learn and understand a customer's preferences for well-loved Fairwood dishes or any promotions that they have taken advantage of.

Future-proofing business requirements

With CINNOX, Fairwood is preparing its business for any future expansion plans beyond its local market. The marketing efforts of franchise operators in Thailand and Japan, for example, can be supported by integrating LINE messenger popular in those countries as well as routing customer inquiries by time zone and language.


Fairwood is a fast-food restaurant chain with over 155 locations in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Faced with COVID-19 dining restrictions, it sought to engage local customers and build brand loyalty by expanding its communication channels to include social messaging apps like WhatsApp.

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