Render swift, secure, and experiential services

With today’s increase in high-fraud risk situations, interaction analytics provide your clients with an environment as secure as a safety vault.

Keeping pace with the evolving financial landscape

The rising number of data breaches, shifting regulations, high customer expectations, and the AI-led technological revolution pose a continuous challenge to the financial services industry.

Poor data quality and bottleneck

Most traditional businesses struggle with restructuring their legacy systems due to inflexible, centralized data management systems. It hampers employees' access to the data, and adversely impacts the way business apps interact with each other.

Our Solutions

A decentralized design to securely store and connect all customer data in a unified database for easy administration and monitoring.

Customize customer journey in one place

From greeting your website visitors to resolving their queries on channels of their choosing, you have 360° visibility and control over how you design and steer customers’ journey.

Bring all business apps under one, unified platform

Give your team the flexibility to access all necessary apps and tools under one platform for smooth operation and benefit from the data pool from all the apps under one roof.

Create contextual customer experiences

Empower your cross-functional teams with customer interaction data transparency for them to converse contextually and improve first-time enquiry resolution rate.

How it works
Smart routing
One dashboard for all channels
Unified data
Enquiry labeling
Integrated ecosystem
Telephony + digital channels
Multimedia engagement
Instant AI + Human support
Smart routing
Compliance and regulations are complicated

The recent addition of hybrid working policies and tightening telecom/ industry regulations have introduced another layer of compliance complexity. Safeguarding sensitive information and providing a secure environment for customers to transact and communicate remains a top priority for financial institutions.

Our Solutions

Data protection and security is our top priority at CINNOX. Our platform comes with the flexibility to define when data archives should be transited to secure file server by a secure tunnel based on the pre-determined schedule.

Hybrid process adoption

Our hybrid cloud solution curtails discrepancies in data management by allowing data and components to interoperate across boundaries and provides a secure premise for data retention on private or public cloud, and on-premise of your choice.

Leverage global expertise

Our comprehensive global partner network with over 160 top tier carriers is positioned to meet the highest level of security and service standards of telecom industry.

Compliant services

We employ state-of-the-art data encryption, data backup and recovery, and data protection systems to safeguard businesses and customers.

How it works
Assured annual uptime of 99.95%
Data encryption
Point of convergence (Device, Channel, Protocol, Network)
Data retention
Structure and permissions
APIs and integrations
Telephony + digital channels
Multimedia engagement
Instant AI + Human support
Smart routing
Siloed systems diminish team productivity

In the race to meet customer demands, financial institutions often miss out on one key detail: employee experience. Keeping employees happy and productive requires seamless communication and absolute data transparency.

Our Solutions

Automate processes while creating human-centric experiences to boost productivity.

Intelligent routing system

Leave the mundane tasks to AI-powered bots and match your customers with the right experts. Smart routing rules free up your staff to focus on creating exceptional experiences for customers.

Unified interface

Easily identify patterns and trends using our brilliant data visualisation interface. Empower your team to detect anomalies and discover growth opportunities.

Grow globally with localised support

Effortlessly build a virtual contact centre to kick off your global expansion. Manage inbound and outbound calls by subscribing to international toll-free and virtual toll-free numbers.

How it works
Virtual numbers
Smart routing
Engagement binding
Enquiry Call and Chat Conference
Enquiry transfer
Real-time chat monitoring
Telephony + digital channels
Multimedia engagement
Instant AI + Human support
Smart routing

Global Compliance Standards

GDPR Compliance

Quality Management

Cloud Security

Information Security

IT Service Management

Integrate the tools you use everyday

From business automation to analytics and more, connect to the tools you use to deliver personal and scalable support.

See how financial institutes are transforming CX

Bank of Asia transforms customer experiences using CINNOX

Bank of Asia leverages CINNOX’s unified CX solution to offer their customers a truly omnichannel banking experience across borders, 24/7.
CINNOX Case Study : Midland Realty

Midland Realty builds omnichannel experience using CINNOX

Midland Realty, a leading property agency in Hong Kong, now has a unified customer view across its many communication channels, enabling it to follow up with enquiries and close deals.

Chong Hing Bank fosters inclusivity with CINNOX

Chong Hing Bank partnered with CINNOX to facilitate inclusivity and provide ease of accessibility for customers with speech impediments.
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