Midland Realty Builds Omnichannel Experiences Using CINNOX

Midland Realty integrated the WhatsApp Business API, allowing for a unified customer view across all communication channels and the introduction of a WhatsApp chatbot to answer frequent questions.

CINNOX Case Study : Midland Realty


Sales & Support


Real Estate


Midland Realty is a renowned Hong Kong property agency involved in the primary and secondary house sectors and has a significant presence in the buy-and-sell and rental markets. In 2005, it was recognised as one of Forbes Asia's most successful public companies and was also Asiamoney's Best Managed Company.

Midland previously used another solution to support its daily operations. However, support agents had to piece together the customer interactions by toggling between different communication apps. They wanted a truly omnichannel solution capable of showing a single customer view across these many channels.

Also, WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used social messaging network in Hong Kong, but customer enquiries through WhatsApp sometimes went unanswered or cold. To improve transaction closure rates, Midland Realty also needed a method of monitoring WhatsApp enquiries for their follow-up status by sales agents.


Omnichannel experience platform

Midland support agents now have a single view of customer interactions by unifying their communication channels—live chat, voice calls, email, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, and more—on one platform. This ensures consistent customer experiences regardless of which communication channels their clients prefer to use.

Seamless WhatsApp integration

CINNOX worked with a WhatsApp business service provider to integrate WhatsApp chats as omnichannel enquiries. In addition, Midland implemented a WhatsApp chatbot solution for frequently accessed information and services, ensuring quick resolution of customer enquiries and reducing the workload of its support agents.

Better business relationships

Midland also uses CINNOX's convenient weblink feature, which clients can use to start a live chat session or make a web call to the agent who previously served them. In a fast-paced industry, this builds a rewarding relationship with an agent who understands a client's real estate needs and whom they can contact at any time.

"CINNOX’s intuitive solution powers our CSR initiative to provide ease-of-communication to our customers with speech impediment by empowering us to be more agile and inclusive by enabling us to have a unified view of our interaction history with customers. By actively manning the doors to live chat, we’ve not only provided instant support for our customers all over the globe by actively collaborating in meting out resolutions in real-time, but also managed to bring down our first response time and give faster resolution."


Accelerating the customer journey

Speed is everything in the real estate market, where homes can be transacted in minutes and minds changed in an instant. Having a holistic view of the customer enables Midland to make sure that no enquiries go unanswered and that their sales agents can act quickly to seize an opportunity before another rival agency can.

Preparing the business for the future

Midland also picked CINNOX because it can scale to meet its demands. Taking the first steps to communicate with clients through WhatsApp, it can collect future data from all the customer interactions to be used in promotional targeting for new property launches in districts of interest to the client.

Customer support when you need it

People can now self-serve to get information, such as Hong Kong property updates, thanks to the introduction of Midland's WhatsApp chatbot. If a consumer moves along the customer journey and wants to know about recent leases in a certain estate, for example, they may escalate their inquiry and speak with a live agent.


Midland Realty is a leading property agency with over 400 branches and more than 6,000 property agents in Hong Kong. Engaging with prospects in a fast-moving industry, their customer support agents wanted a single view of a customer across their different communication channels.

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