Aman Merges Traditional And Digital Channels With CINNOX

Aman Resorts implemented a hybrid solution, allowing guests to contact their reservations center by dialling a traditional toll-free number as well as our newly developed Digital Toll-Free Solution.


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Aman offers multilingual phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through worldwide virtual toll-free numbers that are routed to their global concierge and reservations center. These toll-free numbers are conveniently used by international guests to get assistance with trip planning and bookings at Aman properties.

Aman learned that guests had difficulty making bookings when they lived in countries where virtual numbers were unavailable or challenging to procure. Toll-free lines are typically only accessible to callers who live in the same country as the number, so residents of Australia may only reach Aman through the Australian toll-free number.

Furthermore, more countries around the world are combating fraudsters and the misuse of virtual numbers by introducing new regulations. European countries now require the use of a local company address under new stringent telecommunications rules. If this information is not given, the carrier can take back the virtual number.


Traditional and digital communication channels

CINNOX worked together with Aman to implement a hybrid connectivity solution, which gives their guests the option to make toll-free calls to the reservations center by either: dialling a traditional virtual number in supported countries or clicking on a digital web call button located on the Aman website.

Customer-centric communication chameleon

With the Digital Toll-Free Solution, Aman acquired a digital tool that it can easily repurpose to suit its sales, support, and marketing requirements: as a QR code on screens or printed material, an HTML web link in email signatures, a CTA button on web pages, or via CINNOX's web widget for a constant presence online.

Seamless telephony and digital connectivity

The Digital Toll-Free button is accessible from any location in the world with Internet connectivity, including those countries where virtual numbers are not available. A single click immediately routes the web call to the PSTN number of a service group at the contact center, distributing it to the phone extensions of its team members.

"CINNOX’s scalable turnaround solution streamlines our engagement initiatives across borders, especially in highly regulated countries, where procuring virtual numbers can be quite a task without the right partner onboard. Tapping into CINNOX’s digital toll-free solution helped us simplify the engagement process for our guests, as well as curb the operational expenses incurred on virtual numbers."


One solution, global connectivity

With CINNOX, Aman now has one solution for global connectivity—working with fewer suppliers means that they can be more nimble and business objectives can be met more rapidly. Furthermore, the cloud-based Digital Toll-Free Solution is location independent and overcomes the challenges imposed by local telecom regulations.

Borderless Aman experiences

In addition, the legendary Aman customer experience is further elevated by the digitisation of its services. By offering another convenient digital communication channel, its inbound sales and customer support teams can now receive guest enquiries from countries and markets that were not served by its virtual numbers.

Future-proofing the business

By choosing CINNOX, Aman is also laying the foundation to unify their voice and email communication channels, as well as any future channels that may be added through the open API. Guest and employee interaction data may also be gathered to provide additional analytical insights and improve guests experiences even further.


Aman Resorts is a hospitality company with 34 luxury properties spread across 20 countries. Faced with regulatory obstacles for the usage of virtual toll-free numbers in its target markets, it introduced a Digital Toll-Free Solution on its website, allowing guests from any country to make enquiries and bookings.

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" CINNOX offers a unified approach to engaging customers on their preferred channels. "

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"Support cross-communication between on-net and off-net, allowing for seamless customer interaction through popular social media platforms."

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"What I like about CINNOX is its clean and clear interface. It's easy to set up and use."

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"CINNOX provides consistent support and closely partners with us to meet our needs."

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