BOA Turbocharges Engagement & Keeps Customers Dialed In Using CINNOX

Bank of Asia equipped their website with CINNOX’s comprehensive web widget, offering customers the flexibility to seek support on the fly, 24/7 via live chat and web call.


Sales & Support


Digital Banking


Despite the severe impact of the pandemic, Bank of Asia (BOA) remains the bank of choice for a range of cost-effective and user-friendly fintech-powered services, from transactional banking to asset and fund management.

The bank aims to address the growing financial needs of individuals associated with offshore jurisdictions, international companies and their owners, and multinational conglomerates. Fuelled by its vision to change the way people bank, it seeks to provide customers with seamless access to its fintech solutions anytime, anywhere.

However, banks have historically relied on warm, value-adding in-person experiences to foster fruitful engagement with customers. BOA wanted to deliver similar or even better digital experiences. At the same time, it needed a solution with the capability to provide robust quantitative analytics for the KYC and Anti-Money Laundering processes.


Round-the-clock support

Bank of Asia decided to integrate CINNOX’s comprehensive web widget with live chat and web call capabilities to provide round-the-clock support services. This method leaves the new-age bank a trail of customer interaction history that helps determine customer pain points and facilitate first-time resolutions.

Simplified calling experience

To reinforce its support beyond borders, Bank of Asia subscribed to a BVI toll-free number. This scalable virtual number enables BOA’s customers to reach support agents via call without spending a dime. Recently, the bank also subscribed to a series of virtual numbers to easily make outbound calls to globally distributed customers.

One view of customer interactions

BOA chose CINNOX to unify the telecom and digital experiences for its customers. Our feature-rich solution offers one view of customer interactions, empowering the bank to build a personalised CX while incredibly boosting employee productivity.

"CINNOX’s scalable turnaround solution streamlines our engagement initiatives across borders, especially in highly regulated countries, where procuring virtual numbers can be quite a task without the right partner onboard.Tapping into CINNOX’s digital toll-free solution helped us simplify the engagement process for our guests, as well as curb the operational expenses incurred on virtual numbers."


24/7 availability across time zones

The AI-powered CINNOX web widget helps BOA provide 24/7, localised support across the globe. To further keep the experience smooth-sailing, BOA gathers customer information using a pre-chat form, allowing the bank to channel inquiry sessions to appropriate directories and staff.

Omnichannel banking

CINNOX’s unique telecom and digital convergence platform empowers BOA’s efforts to provide its customers with omnichannel experiences. The ability to streamline customer engagement via telephony and digital channels ensures the bank’s communication across borders remains effortless and economical.


Bank of Asia adopts modern Fintech channels to serve customers from 90 jurisdictions. It enlisted CINNOX’s support in creating safe, secure, and simplified omnichannel experiences that cater to the needs of its global clientele.

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