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Everything you need to drive your business forward

We provide the tools to help your business compete, win, and thrive by unifying every touchpoint of the customer journey. From engagement to conversion to support, our powerful features are designed to delight customers and empower teams.

The ultimate CX platform to delight customers and empower teams


Live chat & web call
Convert website traffic into sales and build customer loyalty with live chat and web call functionalities.
Messaging across omnichannel experience
Manage live chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, SMS, and email messages all from within CINNOX. Keep all your communication and data in one place.
Inbound and outbound phone & video calls
Resolve customer issues through voice calls and authenticate users with video conversations.
AI bots & IVR
Automate responses to common questions, filter out spam inquiries, segment and qualify leads, freeing up your team to focus on value-adding tasks and conversions.
Rich omnichannel experience
Seamlessly escalate automated chats to agents using voice, video, and file or screen sharing, providing a seamless customer experience.
Virtual numbers & toll-free and local numbers
Expand your global reach with international toll-free and virtual numbers. Manage inbound and outbound calls effortlessly using one unified platform.


Smart routing
Efficiently handle high traffic by routing inquiries to the right agents based on automated routing rules.
Audio and video call recording
Retain transcripts and recordings of your calls and video meetings to track and optimize service quality.
Structure and permissions
Define roles and privileges for individuals on your team. Grant access to specific features and data to unlock performance.


Dashboard statistics
Monitor real-time interaction data, benchmark and track customer conversion activity for your team.
Reporting and analytics
Centralize customer information and gain actionable data and insights to optimize business performance.
APIs and integrations
Leverage our powerful APIs and tech integrations to improve workflow automations and create personalized customer journeys.
Data retention
We follow rigorous security practices to meet the highest industry standards of regulatory compliance, helping you handle data in accordance with requirements.
Branding and customization
Customize the appearance and experience of your customer service widget with branding assets, videos, and more!

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