Create A Winning customer engagement strategy with SMS

Generate 10X ROI with Conversational SMS

83% customers read an SMS within 90 seconds of receiving it. Leverage the immediacy afforded by SMS marketing to convert leads and build long-lasting relations with your customers by delivering hyper-personalized, fast-tracked, experience that converts into clicks, engagement, and sales.

No Fuss. No Muss

Instantly broadcast key messages worldwide

Amplify your mobile marketing strategy by sending important alerts, notifications, or marketing promos to your customers all over the globe within seconds powered by over 160 tier-1 telecom carriers and mobile operators worldwide, including engaging securely with your customers from Mainland China.

Avoid getting marked as ‘Spam’ by leveraging the power of maintaining a consistent identity or getting a vanity number that customers can instantly recall
Launch a global SMS campaign within seconds
Reach up to 10,000 recipients with a single SMS campaign
Tailor your message by launching either Standard or Dynamic SMS campaigns
Measure your campaign performance against business objectives by accessing our comprehensive SMS Reports
Drive Experiential Excellence

Forge a strong bond with your customers with two-way SMS

Boost your open rate and build a rewarding relationship with your customers by transforming one-way communication into a two-way dialogue.

Empower customers to engage with you by embedding a weblink for chat or call in your SMS for instant accessibility
Apply smart routing rules and pair your customers with the right experts to drive brand advocacy
Gain informed perspective and access to historical interaction data across all SMS campaigns on a unified platform
Easily import the list of subscribers who have opted-in to receive text messages from your business and disburse bulk messages efficiently
Engage high-value customers with tailored SMS Templates
Secure. Scalable. Compliant

Unlock the full potential of your SMS for Marketing

Create customer-centric experiences with personalized text messaging. Leverage the power of SMS for marketing and digital commerce strategy and capture more leads.

Identify and target the right set of customers
Schedule and disseminate SMS campaigns
Customize sender name with Alphanumeric sender ID
Easily upload bulk SMS contacts
Secured by advanced security settings

Start quickly, scale globally

CINNOX helps you open the two-way door to conversational messaging with scalable SMS solution that helps in keeping your customers informed, while giving them the flexibility of omnichannel support with one click. You can easily setup and quickly disseminate SMS for marketing or alerting your customers with important updates.