Foresight & Hindsight


See how far you’ve come and get a clearer picture of the road ahead. Unlock actionable insights that help you shape the future success of your business.

Evaluate | CINNOX

Bridge the insight-to-action gap

Optimize workflows and improve customer experiences by applying learned patterns to recommended next best actions.

Experience = ROI

Build the foundation of your business on solid Total Experience – for both customers (CX) and employees (EX). Build long term loyalty for strong ROI.

Set CX, EX and QoS goals for revenue growth and cost reduction
Drive a customer-obsessed culture for a competitive edge
One platform to monitor, learn, apply (and win!)
Experience = ROI - CINNOX

Take action with confidence

Take the guesswork out of strategizing. Understand clearly how things are working, make adjustments, and monitor progress.

Compare real-time performance and track historical trends
Identify needs for effective coaching and resource planning
Apply learned patterns to enhance teams and workflows
Take action with confidence - CINNOX

Knowledge and insights

Stitch together unstructured interaction data to discover trends and develop insights. Go beyond NPS and CSAT to measure CX with ease, effectiveness, and emotion.

Segment customers into personas to enable customized journeys
Understand customers with intent and sentiment analysis
Augment CRM, ticketing, and billing data for a 360 customer view
Knowledge and insights - CINNOX

An accessible integration ecosystem with API

CINNOX integrates with a ton of tools you want, need, or use every day. The list continues to expand.

Help Desk
E-commerce Platform
An accessible integration ecosystem with API - CINNOX

More ways to engage your customers


Your customers want live human support on their preferred channel at any given time. Exceed their expectations with “In Real Life” experiences at every touchpoint.

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Put customers at the heart of your business. Everything you need to empower your team and build deeper customer relationships.

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