Chong Hing Bank Nurtures Inclusive Growth Using CINNOX

To uphold the bank’s customer-centric principles, Chong Hing Bank onboarded CINNOX’s web widget solution and started offering support over live chat for individuals with speech impediments.


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Historically, banks leaned heavily on traditional modes of communication. In the post-pandemic world, the industry has undergone a major facelift to match evolving customer expectations and needs.

Much like its seamless banking experience, Chong Hing Bank wished to ease the communication process for customers with speech impediments on its website, in compliance with Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.

However, the bank faced difficulty in identifying a trustworthy communication solution that could support data retention while adhering to the stringent regulations governing the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry.


Embracing a real-time, people-oriented solution

Understanding that customers might need urgent support at any time, Chong Hing Bank empowered its customer support team to provide instant responses to customer enquiries. It adopted CINNOX’s live chat solution, ensuring customers with speech impediments can get the help they need right on the bank’s website.

Unified view of interactions

Powered by CINNOX’s lightweight CRM, the bank’s customer support team has a 360-degree view of the digital footprint left behind by customers, such as their location, device, and browser language settings. This capability, coupled with a unified view of past interactions, allows the bank to proactively guide its customers in their moment of need.

Safety net of compliance

Chong Hing Bank found CINNOX’s data retention capability as the only solution to satisfy its need to manage risks and threats to data security while adhering to the stringent regulatory requirements of the BSFI industry. CINNOX’s chat widget on Chong Hing Bank’s website uses end-to-end encryption, which means nobody, except the customer and the agent attending the inquiry, can read the messages.

"CINNOX’s intuitive solution powers our CSR initiative to provide ease-of-communication to our customers with speech impediment by empowering us to be more agile and inclusive by enabling us to have a unified view of our interaction history with customers. By actively manning the doors to live chat, we’ve not only provided instant support for our customers all over the globe by actively collaborating in meting out resolutions in real-time, but also managed to bring down our first response time and give faster resolution."


AI-powered personalized support

Chong Hing Bank has built a great repository of knowledge for its customers to seek faster solutions. Taking cues from its interaction history with customers, Chong Hing Bank has deployed self-service bots to aid its customers with FAQs, all while enabling immediate routing afterwards to human agents for timely resolution.

Guiding light for customers

Chong Hing Bank maintains consistency in conversation and support services due to the 360-degree visibility of all incoming customer enquiries. Since the respective agents have access to insights into customer behavior and all interaction data, right up to the moment of the ongoing conversation, they are empowered to pick up where customers left off in the journey.

Staying ahead of the curve

Using CINNOX’s data visualisation interface, Chong Hing Bank leverages easy-to-view quantitative data about customer enquiries to spot patterns and stay ahead of trends. Information drawn from staff engagement reports also helps the bank’s leadership to review and appraise a staff member’s performance for quality assurance, training, and other business purposes.


Founded in Hong Kong in 1948, Chong Hing Bank Limited offers comprehensive commercial banking and financial services to individual and corporate customers. The Bank attaches great importance to the needs and opinions of its various stakeholders, especially its customers.

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