CreFIT Strengthens Local Presence, Growth with CINNOX

Here’s how CreFIT, a vibrant fintech platform harnesses the power of CINNOX to navigate Hong Kong's dynamic financial landscape to achieve a seamless customer journey and unlock localized growth with our contact center solutions. 


Sales & Support





CreFIT implemented key solutions to enhance its service: 

Call Center Hub:
Streamlined setup with CINNOX for efficient customer engagement, ensuring compliance and security.  

Building Trust with Local DIDs:
Utilized local DIDs in Hong Kong to strengthen local presence and customer trust.  

Efficient Outreach:
Adopted CINNOX's Smart Calling with Supervised and Agentless Dialers for improved call efficiency and lead management. 


By implementing these powerful solutions from CINNOX, CreFIT achieved impactful outcomes: 

Establishing a Solid Local Presence:
Adopted local numbers, enhancing trust and engagement in Hong Kong, elevating the brand's local reputation. 

Precision Support Planning:
Offering dedicated customer service during peak Hong Kong business hours, Monday to Friday, 09:00-20:00, CreFIT ensured focused support, aligning with local customer expectations and business operations. 

"CINNOX’s scalable turnaround solution streamlines our engagement initiatives across borders, especially in highly regulated countries, where procuring virtual numbers can be quite a task without the right partner onboard.Tapping into CINNOX’s digital toll-free solution helped us simplify the engagement process for our guests, as well as curb the operational expenses incurred on virtual numbers."

"CINNOX provides fast and ready-to-use solutions for building call center with relatively short implementation time and minimal technical support. Highly recommended for adopting CINNOX solution for new startups to reduce technical barrier and set up call center with comprehensive functions."


Backed by 17 years of experience in consumer finance innovation of VCREDIT, CreFIT empowers Hong Kong's financial wellbeing through personalized and accessible financial solutions.

Boost Local Presence in New Markets with CINNOX