Maximise your Outcome with Omnichannel Routing Solution

Deliver a top-notch customer experience with automated inquiry distribution to the right agents. Agents can manage multiple channels through a single hub, ensuring swift responses and improved customer satisfaction.

Personalize Every Interaction the Way you Want!

From guiding your prospects through the purchase journey to automatically routing calls and message/text enquiries for quick resolution, unlock endless possibilities to enhance customer and employee experiences with CINNOX’s advanced smart call routing features.

What is Smart Routing?

Smart call routing is a flexible feature of CINNOX that uses various criteria to match customer interactions with the most appropriate agents or service groups. This is more advanced than traditional routing methods that may simply distribute calls on a first-come, first-served basis or based on agent availability. Equipped with smart routing capability on a unified communication interface, a business can evaluate the unique details of a customer interaction – like the customer's identity, interaction history, the nature of the inquiry, channel of communication (e.g., email, phone, chat, social media), and more, and then route that interaction to the best equipped agent to handle it.


Efficient Omnichannel Routing

Our smart omnichannel inquiry routing capability adapts to your business's unique requirements, optimizing your resources, ferrying all interactions to the right destination, preventing any missed business opportunities.

Since the very first interaction, CINNOX offers advanced omnichannel routing intelligence and logic tailored to your business model, nurturing trust and cultivating lasting relationships with your prospects and customers throughout their journey.

Alternative Routing
Language Routing
Location Routing
Time Routing
Percentage Routing
Sticky Routing
Round Robin
Fixed Order
Engagement Binding
IVR Menu
SIP Trunking


Controlled Distribution, Unified Experience

Take control of your customer interactions within your contact center, ensuring a consistent flow of interaction across multiple channels, and elevating your customer service with our efficient inquiry management solution.

Deliver a consistently exceptional service experience to your customers, ensuring that they receive the best service from the right expert, whether it’s a call or chat inquiry from any channel.
Support your global business with a local presence by routing overseas enquiries to a virtual support team of knowledgeable agents who understand your customers’ context and expectations to succeed with your cloud contact center.
Cultivate a lifelong bond with your customers through smart relationship mapping and binding features.
Empower your agents with powerful tools for timely resolutions and seamless engagements, enhanced by instant team collaboration for exceptional customer service.

Unleash Service Excellence with Transformative Solutions

Seamless integration with your existing systems makes CINNOX a painless addition to your workflow, providing powerful benefits without disrupting operations, fuelling your growth, and delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Equipped with CINNOX’s smart routing and balanced inquiry distribution, your agents can tackle more enquiries in less time, boosting their productivity and your bottom line.
Say goodbye to inquiry abandonment by introducing efficient routing and reducing wait times to boost your service quality and customer satisfaction.
Reduce the load and stress on your agents by seamlessly managing inquiry flow and load, to improve their performance and reduce attrition.
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Implementation Essentials

Your Route to Success

Implementing effective omnichannel inquiry routing and management is a strategic process.

Inquiry Prioritisation

Identify and prioritise your enquiries to enable targeted and timely responses.

Journey Mapping

Understand your customer journey and identify critical touchpoints for optimized routing.

Rules Configuration

Tailor your routing rules and algorithms to your business needs for maximised efficiency.

Skill Optimization

Match your enquiries to agent’s skill sets and availability for improved customer engagement.

Performance Tracking

Keep a regular check on performance metrics to identify gaps and optimize operations.

Unleash Omnichannel Routing Excellence Today with CINNOX!

Embrace the future of customer interactions with CINNOX's advanced omnichannel inquiry routing and management solutions. Boost efficiency and deliver personalized service to propel your business ahead.