Deliver Instant Online Call Support with Web Calls, Live Chat, and Video Call Solutions

CINNOX offers a powerful web call and live chat solution to elevate customer experiences and improve engagement. Our web widget enables you to connect with website visitors through live chat, web calls, and video conferences in real-time. Strengthen customer relationships, streamline communication, and increase conversions with our interactive customer communication tools.


What Are Live Chat and Web Calls?

Live chat is a real-time conversational tool that allows customers to receive text messages instantly through a chat widget on a business website. Web calls, on the other hand, enable voice calls over a VoIP network, providing a seamless communication experience without relying on traditional phone infrastructure.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Two-Way Conversations

Enable customers to get answers quickly
Save customers from repeating themselves
Boost your customer-facing team’s productivity
Build rapport online without face-to-face interactions

One Conversation, One Widget.

Initiate every conversation with a warm greeting and guide your customers from the comfort of the web widget.

Equip your teams with the flexibility to start a live chat, and turn it into a web call or switch to a video call, without breaking the flow of the conversation.
Build rewarding relationships by pairing your customers with the right experts automatically based on their real-time context.
Enhance personalized experience without hiccups. Deliver rich, multimedia experience that converts.

Unlock True Personalization at Scale

Create cohesive customer journeys that align with your business goals and enhance team productivity. Let customers connect effortlessly through chat, calls, or video. Empower customers with self-service options through AI bots and real-time service choices. Equip your team with real-time context, interaction data, and browsing history to match products to the right customers and deliver first-time resolutions.

Let your customers connect with you effortlessly across chat, call, or video.
Empower customers to orchestrate self-service through AI bots or real-time service options.
Match your products to the right customers by equipping your team with real-time context, interaction data, and browsing history.
Let your team collaborate behind the scenes to deliver first-time resolution.

Understand Your Customers Inside-out

Gain comprehensive insights into customer intent, interactions, behavior, and website journeys to optimize processes and create targeted, personalized experiences. Access interaction data and reports instantly, improve workflow automations with powerful APIs and tech integrations, and discover trends through structured interaction data. Monitor and coach agent-customer interactions in real-time and segment customers into personas for targeted marketing and sales strategies.

Gain instant access to the interaction data and reports on-the-go
Improve your workflow automations with our powerful APIs and tech integrations
Stitch unstructured interaction data to discover trends and develop insights
Monitor and coach agent-customer interactions in real-time
Segment customers into personas for your product, marketing, and sales teams

You Are in Good Hands!

CINNOX has been designed keeping customer data protection and security as our top priority, and with full consideration to global compliance and security standards.Our impeccable data encryption, data backup and recovery, and data protection systems ensure absolute security and reliability.

Our solution is GDPR compliant and ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, and ISO 27017 certified.
Irrespective of whether your business is targeting local or international customers, our live chat and web call widget supports multiple domains
Encrypt voice and video calls with your customers using our DTLS-SRTP encryption
All interaction data is encrypted at rest

Drive Conversations Efficiently With CINNOX