Get your Virtual number and connect with your customers with global telephony

Manage your business communications with Virtual numbers to enable remote working and enhance productivity. Trusted by more than 600 enterprises and Fortune 500 clients for over a decade.

Tap into the largest global telephony network for virtual phone number and text

Direct interconnections with 160+ tier-1 telecom carriers and mobile operators worldwide to deliver a reliable virtual number service and SMS coverage in over 150 countries backed by an SLA of 99.95%.

CINNOX Virtual Number Service
Virtual Number Service

What is a virtual number?

Virtual numbers work like regular phone numbers, but can be used from any device with an internet connection. Businesses can make use of a dedicated number, or toll-free and local virtual numbers to provide flexibility to their customers across the globe to call at lower costs. Virtual Number enables businesses to have a professional presence without the hassle of setting up a landline.

Reap Benefits with Virtual Phone Numbers
Establish a local presence
Consistent branding at reduced costs
Embed on up to 50 web domains
Real-time monitoring and reporting for call management and optimisation
Routing based on geolocation, time of day, percentage, and language.

Instant local and global presence

Respond faster, and engage audiences locally from anywhere in the world with Local DID Numbers (Direct Inward Dialling).

Show customers you care, with easily recognisable International Toll-Free Numbers (ITFS) and Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN).

Toll free, local and non-geographic virtual phone numbers available in 150+ countries
Forward calls to one or multiple devices around the world, including landlines, mobile devices, desktop softphones or CINNOX dashboard
Premium inbound call quality
Dynamic smart routing and virtual attendant menus (IVR)
Call controls with simultaneous ringing, forwarding and call transfers
Voicemail and call recording with customisable greetings
Support for SIP and PSTN destinations
CINNOX Virtual Number Service connects you globally
Omnichannel Solution - CINNOX
CLICK-TO-CALL WIDGET for your website

Embed voice capabilities into your website

Streamline customer journey by enabling direct calls from your website at the click of a button. Regardless of their point of origin, customers can call you directly simply by clicking on a customisable widget button.

Dynamic Directory
Custom directory list based on webpage content
Multiple Channels
Unlimited concurrent inbound calls
Real-time call analytics
Real-time monitoring and reporting for call management and optimisation
Multi-domain Support
Embed on up to 50 web domains
Intelligent Routing
Routing based on geolocation, time of day, percentage, and language.

Sound your best

Make it easier for your staff to make international calls with International Direct Dialling (IDD) straight from the CINNOX dashboard or mobile app.

Call any country at a preferred call rate
Smart auto-dialler and engagement mode for customer-staff relationship routing
Lower call latency through M800’s proprietary network and globally distributed infrastructure
Carrier-grade Service Level Agreement (SLA) assures an annual uptime of 99.95% service delivery
CINNOX Global Virtual Number Service
CINNOX Global Virtual Number Service. Virtual call and Virtual SMS

Flex your text

Send high-volume SMSs worldwide or personalised 1-1 messages for high-engagement campaigns, backed by powerful features.

Schedule and send SMS campaigns
Create and save SMS templates
Support Alphanumeric Sender ID
Bulk SMS contact upload
Internal approval process and advanced security settings

Convenience meets ROI

Bring together all of your corporate telephony and communications to one cloud-based interface for improved collaboration, customer support, cost efficiency, and analytics.

Inbound, outbound, SMS, and staff reports and analytics
Unified costing and pay-as-you-go usage plan for easier budgeting and cost analysis
Bring together all voice and SMS services with smart tools for efficient collaboration and customer support – accessible anywhere through the cloud
Safe, secure, and compliant with advanced password settings and audit logs
CINNOX Cloud Communication Platform.

How can I get a virtual number?

From getting a local virtual phone number to enabling you to receive calls from all over the globe, we have got you covered with our competitive plans and high-quality service. CINNOX offers virtual numbers that enable you to manage calls from any device, anywhere in the world.