Grow Globally & Win Local Trust with Virtual Numbers

With CINNOX's virtual numbers covering over 150 countries, you can tap into local markets easily and expand your business worldwide. Getting a virtual number is a simple process that can help you unlock many new business opportunities.


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Understanding Virtual Numbers 

A virtual number, also known as a virtual phone number, is a telephone number that is not directly connected with a physical phone line. Virtual numbers can be either toll-free or local numbers, depending on the business specific requirements. It's perfect for businesses that want a local presence in different areas without physical offices. With a virtual phone number, you can stay connected wherever you are. 

Why Your Business Needs Virtual Numbers?

In today’s connected world, Virtual Numbers have become crucial for businesses seeking to grow and expand.

Customers can avoid the high international charges and connect with you locally.
There is no need for a physical presence in every region to reach local customers.
Enables remote work with seamless connectivity.
Drives profitability and enhances customer service.
Offers flexibility for a dynamic workforce.

Virtual numbers have proven to be the X factor, benefiting many industries, from the ever-evolving financial institutions and the booming real estate market to thriving industries like tourism, hospitality, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, education, transportation, and professional services.

Get your Virtual Number in Just an Easy Step

Simplify call management with a local virtual number. Enjoy flexible device and location access, affordable plans, and toll-free and local virtual numbers.

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Enter New Markets with Confidence 

Instantly broaden your market reach with CINNOX's local virtual numbers, connecting you to customers from across the globe. 

Access a wide range of virtual numbers in over 150 countries.  
Create a global presence, connecting calls to multiple devices.  
Enjoy high-quality calls for clear communication.  
Streamline call handling with smart routing and IVR. 

Streamline International Dialing 

Enable effortless global calls for your team with CINNOX's International Direct Dial (IDD) or National Direct Dial (NDD) from our dashboard or app. Subscribing to our Virtual Numbers lets customers worldwide connect easily, boosting accessibility and communication. 

Preferred rates for global calls.  
Smart auto-dialer for efficient connections.  
Reduced latency with M800’s proprietary network & globally distributed infrastructure.  
Reliable service with 99.95% uptime SLA.   

Centralize for Enhanced ROI 

Improve team efficiency and ensure that your unified interface is secure, cost-effective, and data-driven, accessible from anywhere. 

Manage all calls, SMS, and access detailed analytics in one place.  
Simplify budgeting with unified, flexible billing.  
Centralize voice and SMS services with smart tools for global access, efficient collaboration, and customer support.  
Ensure security and compliance with robust protection measures.  

Wish to Scale Globally Without the Hefty Expenses?

Discover how you can venture into new international markets and establish a strong local presence with virtual numbers from CINNOX.

Begin your Global Business Journey with CINNOX!

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