Conversational Automation

Drive Interactive Business Growth with AI Chatbots

Beyond delivering instant resolution to complaints, CINNOX’s AI Chatbots, can engage your customers in immersive, personalised experiences to drive your marketing and sales initiatives with its human-like intelligence.

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Boost your Conversation & Commerce with CINNOX’s AI Chatbots

Win your customers over with words and automation, while resolving 90% of customer complaints almost instantly, and saving up to 30% on business costs in the process.

What is CINNOX Chatbot?

Say hello to the smarter, simpler, and savvier way of engaging with your customers! 

Picture an intelligent virtual assistant that's on duty 24/7, tirelessly answering customer enquiries, resolving issues, and guiding prospects and customers on your website and across your social channels through your line of products or services. That's CINNOX Chatbot for you! Harnessing the power of AI, it revolutionises customer engagement, bringing about exceptional service delivery, customer satisfaction, and enhanced productivity.  

Design Superior Customer Journeys with Chatbots

Think of Chatbot as not a tool, but a very efficient sales and support executive with a very diverse set of capabilities at your disposal, who’s well adept at assisting visitors in obtaining the information they seek in a comfortable and engaging manner.

Sales-boosting chatbots for precise lead qualification
A collaborative workspace for your team and AI to work together
Offer your customers the flexibility to choose between self-service and human-assisted support, at once

Harness Chatbots for Omnichannel Excellence

Congratulations if you already have an omnichannel strategy in place! You can further augment your communication by introducing CINNOX’s AI Chatbots to the mix to draw inspiration from highly valuable, actionable insights while conserving time and efforts.

Our Chatbots can help you build unified data hub to access actionable business intelligence from website and social channels
Your agents will thank you for lifting the burden of addressing the common questions from their shoulders

Discover How Midland Realty Uses CINNOX Chatbot to Improve Closure Rates

Midland Realty managed to reduce workload on their agents while ensuring quick resolution of customer enquiries.

Automated Customer Engagement with AI

Leverage the potential of AI to mimic realistic human-like conversations and simultaneously handle multiple customer interactions with ease to deliver an upgraded customer service experience.

Empower your support agents to manage multiple customer interactions at once without overwhelming them
Emulate human conversations to interpret user intent and deliver accurate and consistent responses
Human-touch is indispensable. We understand that. Offer your customers the chance to switch to a human-agent if the Chatbot cannot aid them

Offer Unity in Diversity

No matter where your customers live across the world or what languages they speak or read, CINNOX’s AI Chatbot enables you to engage with them on their terms, in their language, at a time of their choosing.

Offer support in your customers’ language, making your services globally accessible
Provide 24/7 support, ensuring customer concerns are addressed promptly
Forge a strong bond with your customers by ensuring they are consistently matched with the best expert using CINNOX’s intelligent routing rules
Even before the first Hello is exchanged, equip your agents with contextual information of the customers to enable effective engagement

Your Gateway to Invaluable Business Intelligence

Unify business intelligence with visible analytics and insights to continuously measure and improve your strategies.

Gather and process data efficiently through a connected ecosystem to visualise a ‘complete’ picture
Utilise chatbot-derived insights to understand customer behaviour, issues, and potential conversions, upselling, or cross-selling opportunities
Easily identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in customer service and take corrective measures
Personalise customer experiences based on the insights derived from enquiries managed by CINNOX Chatbots

Let’s Build Your Chatbot Already!

The opportunities that CINNOX’s Chatbot can open for your business are limitless, expanding with the depth of its integration, and the innovation in its application.