Inspire trust and loyalty from clients

Show your clients how much you value them with seamless, personalised omnichannel support.

Ready to branch away from tradition?

The shift to new digital business models in the financial services industry is creating new opportunities for forward-thinking companies. Embrace the transition with CINNOX.

Sounds familiar?

Information loss through multichannel?

Multichannel communication results in channel silos and a fragmented client journey through disjointed contact points.
Struggling to manage communication records?

Legacy systems and lost records mean teams must work with inconsistent knowledge of clients.
Dealing with ever-increasing compliance requirements and regulations?
Strict compliance requirements and regulations are tying up human capital and financial resources inefficiently.

Your all-in-one cloud communications platform

Shift to proactive client servicing with CINNOX
.  Our platform gives you a holistic view of your clients, so you can offer each of them a personalised journey with bespoke offerings and targeted support.  

From multichannel to omnichannel
Manage client communications from all channels on one platform for consistent and seamless engagement.
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A complete communications suite
From engagement to communication history, CRM system to insights and reporting, all information is converged. Experience centralised visibility like never before.
A solution you can trust
A secure, compliant platform that meets today’s stringent data privacy regulations and security standards with advanced encryption.