Empower Your Team to Sell More with CINNOX

Give your customers exactly what they want by equipping your team with actionable data. Enhance your sales and marketing strategies with hyper-targeted, personalized engagement throughout every step of your customers’ journey.

Why You Need a Sales & Marketing Solution for Your Business

Choosing the right sales and marketing platform is key to success. It simplifies tasks, boosts customer interactions, and offers insights for smart decisions from an omnichannel communication platform. The right tool not only increases your team's efficiency and revenue, but also helps your business stand out.

Boost Your Sales with Omnichannel Solution from CINNOX

Turn your prospects into customers, increase conversions, and optimize your sales process instantly across all touchpoints from a single platform:

AI Enablers: Empower your customers to find quick solutions for common queries with self-serve AI, with an option to connect instantly with your sales support for specialized requests.
Omnichannel Engagement: Your customers are on all channels. You only need to be on one platform to engage with them effortlessly and maintain consistency.
Personalization at Scale: Gain accurate understanding of your customers by leveraging insights drawn from AI Suggested Labels and Topic to drive personalized experiences on a grand scale.

Engage with Your Prospects More Effectively with CINNOX

Fuel your growth and outpace the competition by harnessing the full potential of your sales and marketing strategies. Whether your goal is to deepen customer relationships, enhance lead acquisition, or boost engagement across all channels, CINNOX offers the specialized tools you need for success.

By embracing our omnichannel contact center solution, you are not just getting the best sales engagement software; you are unlocking a powerful CX hub.

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Connect Offline Customers to Online Channels

Don't just capture, captivate your website visitors with cleverly crafted automation triggers tailored to each unique scenario.

Smart Greetings: Welcome prospects with personalized greetings and expertly guide them through your website for a seamless sales experience.
Expert Pairing: Connect prospects with the right experts, equipping them with complete conversational context right from the start.orm to engage with them effortlessly and maintain consistency.
QR Code Integration: Enhance offline marketing materials and product packaging with QR codes, enabling customers to scan and connect with online support staff for personalized engagement.

Embrace Customer-centricity to Captivate Prospects

Deliver personalized experiences to your customers with targeted promotional messages and notifications through our integrated marketing touchpoints and inquiry management system.

Personalized Product Demos: Tailor your product demos through 1:1 or conference video calls, impressing prospects with a personalized experience.
AI-powered Virtual Assistant:  Efficiently qualify leads using an AI-powered Virtual Assistant that engages with customers.
Expand Reach, Maximize Engagement: Connect with prospects globally on their preferred channels, leveraging toll-free international and virtual numbers for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Seal the Deal with Precision and Insight

By leveraging comprehensive insights from labelled data, you can ensure not just a connection, but a meaningful engagement that leads to more conversion.

AI-powered Support: Leverage AI capabilities to summarize, label, transcribe, and translate conversations, ensuring a seamless flow and exceptional customer experience.
Data-driven Insights at a Glance: Gain real-time access to in-depth reports and merge them into an intuitive CINNOX dashboard, providing a panoramic view of key metrics for informed decision-making.
Live Monitoring and Coaching: Monitor, assist, and coach your agents during live web calls or chats, providing on-the-job training and optimizing team efforts.

Boost Your Global Conversion Rate & Close More Sales

Discover the actionable steps you can take to improve the global conversion rate.

Start Conversing to Start Converting

Enhance your sales and marketing with hyper-targeted, hyper-personalized engagement at every stage of a customer’s journey from a single platform with CINNOX.