About us

Redefining the future of business today

There’s no turning back. The great digital transformation has reshaped the customer service businesses forever, with heightened demand for quality engagement through new modes of communication.

Our story
Humanising connections for better business

CINNOX is a comprehensive SaaS platform that unifies traditional and digital touchpoints. Businesses can connect, orchestrate, and evaluate all of their customer and team interactions to deliver a frictionless omnichannel experience that elevates business performance and optimizes productivity.

This platform is built on the powerful infrastructure and technology base of our parent company, M800, to deliver seamless and reliable customer experiences. Established in 2007, M800 was founded by a group of telecommunications pioneers with a vision to revolutionise global communications – bringing together over 200 researchers, engineers, and product developers from Hong Kong and Taiwan. We leverage global expertise and a comprehensive partner network of over 160 global carriers to deliver innovative telecommunications, mobile, and software solutions to enterprise-level customers and small businesses alike.

Leveraging M800’s years of telecom expertise and global IP network, a new solution was launched in 2020 (originally known as ‘maaiiconnect’) and re-branded as CINNOX in 2021– a cloud-based total experience platform built to scale.


Elevate CX

24/7 customer engagement across telephony and digital comms

First-time resolution by intelligently routing questions to the right available expertise

Reduced customer wait times through predictive data analysis

Seamlessly switch between chat, voice, video to deliver personalized experiences

Optimize EX

Increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks

Draw on expertise from different teams to solve complex problems through Slack-like chatrooms

Improve team performance with quantitative and qualitative insight