About us

Your partner to lead the way and win in the new normal.

Our story

In the post-pandemic world, customer experience (CX) is the battleground with 2/3 competing primarily on this alone - and 69% of interactions are hybrid.

Discovery (customers)

Everyday customers increasingly want “out of this world” hyper-personalised and humanising experiences, on any channel they prefer, and to never have to repeat themselves.

Dicovery (employees)

Digital acceleration affected employees too. Your top talent wants tools with high quality and customisable user experience, that orchestrates boring but important tasks and repetitive questions with automation.


We realised businesses needed to cater to two very different worlds. So we built CINNOX – the Total Experience platform that elevates customer experiences and optimises staff ones.

CINNOX was created!

It’s all about putting the Innovation in CX. That’s CINNOX.

Our Vision

Humanising connections for better business.

Our Mission

To elevate customer and employee experiences through innovative omnichannel engagement and analytics solutions.

What We Do

CINNOX is a comprehensive SaaS platform that unifies traditional, digital, and innovative communication channels. Businesses can connect, orchestrate, and evaluate all of their employee and customer interactions to deliver frictionless omnichannel customer engagement that delights and exceeds expectations.