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Join us as we bring the world closer together with the power of communications. Embark on this journey with CINNOX as we break down all boundaries through innovation. Are you ready to make your next call?  

Who are we?

CINNOX is dedicated to connecting the world with a dream team of ambitious and diverse talent looking to push boundaries.

200-250 employes, 20+ nationalities.
2 Offices
Hong Kong and Taiwan.                 
Unlimited Possiblilities
Collaborative environment.
CINNOX’s Key Value

Our Building Blocks

CINNOX is made of a collective of individuals driven by success while motivating and supporting one another to cultivate an environment of encouragement and trust. We empower our staff with the right tools to succeed in their roles and transform their careers.


We are committed to continuous improvement through innovation and encouraging creativity to transform goals into reality. The bolder the better.


We value our talents and believe through holistic support where the right tools and training are provided, full potential will be achieved.

Teamwork / Collaboration

By working together, our achievements are magnified. A team that supports each other grows together.


Our dedication to honesty and authenticity towards our staff inspires a culture of trust, transparency and respect.

Inclusion and Diversity

We strive to build a community where everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or background, can belong. A diverse team creates unique potential.

Ownership and Empowerment

Take the reins and make a change. We provide the tools to empower our talent to carve their path and own their achievements.

Perks and Benefits

CINNOX is commited to nurturing and motivating employees.

Flat Structure Environment
Work independently and make your own choices.
Company Shares
Our employees can be our partners.
Travel & Events
Opportunities to develop and grow with travel.
Medical Benefits
Comprehensive insurance package.

Join us today to achieve great things