Revolutionise Care & Accelerate Growth

Launch a fully functional AI-powered Omnichannel Contact Center within minutes to enrich customer support and streamline experiences at scale. With CINNOX, enrich customer support across multiple channels and streamline experiences at scale.

Digital Solutions Suite

Many Channels. One Experience.

Navigate customer conversations fluidly across digital and telephony channels with our AI-powered omnichannel support from one platform. Our intelligent routing ecosystem ensures optimal relationship mapping for exceptional customer care.

Real-time Performance Monitoring & Coaching. 

From subtly monitoring and aiding your agents with ongoing customer engagement to intervening and taking over when necessary, our AI-powered system enables seamless customer care without breaking the interaction chain.

Interactive Dashboard for Insightful Impact.

Enable your teams to make confident, data-driven decisions and create tailored, immersive experiences that connect deeply with customers. Our comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights to enhance your customer care strategies.

Unified Digital Excellence

Uniting Fragmented Customer Journeys

Unified Contact Center

Centralize all communication channels to break down silos and provide a cohesive customer care experience. Our unified contact center ensures consistent and streamlined interactions for improved customer engagement and satisfaction.

Prevent Agent Burnout

Enable Better Agent Experience

Empower your agents with AI-powered agent-assist tools that automate routine inquiries and tasks. By relieving them of mundane work, they can focus on delivering personalized customer care experiences.

Bridging Customer Need Gap

Unlock Stronger ROI

Unlock stronger ROI by turning unstructured data into actionable insights. Gain a deep understanding of customer behaviors to reduce churn, increase loyalty, and attract new customers with exceptional customer care.

Plug-&-Play Integration

We like friends. Bring them over to build an inclusive workspace.


Crafted With Precision to Meet Your Needs

Intelligent Routing  

Forge stronger customer relationships by automagically routing enquiries based on skills, location, time, and interaction history, balancing efficiency and volume for optimal responses.    

Omnichannel Integration

Seamlessly connect with global customers by tapping into the largest telephony network for virtual numbers and connect web and social channels onto the same platform to ensure a cohesive communication experience.

Real-time Inquiry Handling & Monitoring

Transform inquiry handling with enhanced real-time tracking, discreet monitoring, private coaching, agile Inquiry transfer, and take-over capabilities for unparalleled responsiveness and satisfaction.

AI-Suggested Labels & Topics    

Streamline inquiry categorisation with AI-generated labels, empowering agents to prioritise quality customer experiences and unlock valuable insights for business optimization and workforce planning.   

Mobile Customer Support 

Offer 24/7 assistance from anywhere, ensuring constant connectivity and support for customers from your smartphone.

AI Virtual Assistant 

Combine Self-service AI and Agent-assist AI to deliver dynamic customer support, striking the perfect balance between automation with personalized care.

Multilingual & Inclusive 

Deliver exceptional support to customers globally with seamless real-time chat translation.

HQ Voice and Video Calls 

Enhance cross-team collaboration and client engagement through high-quality, 1:1 or group calls with superior voice and video capabilities.

Conference Scheduling 

Streamline the management and organization of virtual meetings, empowering seamless collaboration and interactions.

Call Recording & AI Audio Transcription 

Say goodbye to manual notetaking & make your workflow smoother with real-time transcriptions of your interactions in voice and video calls and voicemails. 

AI Inquiry Summary - Chat and Call

Optimize inquiry resolutions with AI-powered summaries for chats and calls, simplifying and speeding up the escalation and response process.  

Dashboard & Analytics 

Reports designed specifically to help businesses gain a deep understanding of customers and their support needs. 

Experience the power of our AI-powered Omnichannel Contact Center solution.

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