Crack the code to customer satisfaction

Elevate both customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) with CINNOX. Our integrated contact center solutions bring together your contact center, phone system, digital touchpoints, AI capabilities, and collaboration tools in one place, driving efficiency, facilitating growth, and curbing costs with your high-traffic industries.

One-stop terminus for all your high-traffic industry needs

No need to hop, skip, and jump across multiple tools to achieve end-to-end business process visibility. Combine the best of traditional and modern contact center services into a single platform that delivers favourable business outcomes.

Digital transformation fails

Contact centers operate in a high stress environment, leading to rise in costs, agent attrition, and dissatisfied customers. In fact, 70% of transformation initiatives fail to reach their projected goals. Turning a contact center into a profit center without compromising on support is a big challenge.

Our Solutions

It’s time to recalibrate your technology investments. Discover the power of contextual engagement on a single, cloud based modern contact center.

Up the efficiency and productivity ante

Say goodbye to customer information across disparate silos. Boost workforce productivity with a true-blue experiential solution that provides a unified perspective of internal and external personas, CX and EX, networks, channels, and much more.

Improve cost efficiency

Curb upfront & operational costs from the get-go and build a global support center within a few moments by leveraging borderless capabilities like the virtual PBX, International toll-free services, SIP trunking, and AI-powered bots among many others to avoid traffic gridlock.

Keep your customers smiling

Shorten sales cycle and build brand affinity by delivering lightning fast first-contact resolution by pairing customers with right experts, engaging proactively, and taking prompt action during an interaction session in real-time.

How it works
Hybrid cloud
All-in-one CX + EX platform
From telephony to digital, and everything in between
Rich multimedia experience
AI-powered bot and human support
Relationship mapping via routing
Telephony + digital channels
Multimedia engagement
Instant AI + Human support
Smart routing
Different teams keep data everywhere

65% of support leaders say their service teams have felt “burned out” and almost half of them slowed down because their tools aren’t integrated. Legacy systems prevent organisations from upgrading their systems. Incompatible platforms prevent organisations from adopting a 360-degree view of customer experience. Convoluted automation solutions add more inefficiencies to the experience.

Our Solutions

Unleash the power of data in siloed teams and legacy systems, so your team can always access and focus on the actionable insights that generate outcomes.

Data that makes a difference

Get a complete picture of every customer right before you start the conversation, including their preferred language and location in real-time, their historical journey, and more.

Unified communications channels

Stop toggling between different apps and tools for different channels and capture all interactions and customer journeys in a single chat room.

Sync across your tech stack

Let your data flow across the systems that your teams use daily, ensuring you always have the information needed to make the best possible decisions.

How it works
Capture network ID
Capture interaction data across channels
Unified chatroom and journey
Data Retention
Data visibility and insights in real-time
APIs and integration
Telephony + digital channels
Multimedia engagement
Instant AI + Human support
Smart routing
CSAT is in doldrums

78% customers would jump ship to a competitor after facing multiple bad experiences. Customer expectations and demand for personalised and timely customer service across all digital channels continues to rise with every passing moment. In people-centric industries like Travel, Hospitality and Telco, it's sometimes hard to keep sight of persona needs and customer journey to address complex problems.

Our Solutions

Streamline digital and traditional channels to personalise engagement with every customer, moving them along the customer journey at every point.

Self-service and agent-assisted options

Implement chatbots for round-the-clock support for frequently asked questions, then have your agents value-add for more complex cases.

Different personas, different journeys

Gen Z and Millennial customers prefer self-service for quick results, while others prefer the humanised experience of live agents. Identify a solution that can bring AI and human support together.

Relationship mapping technology

Create routing rules to direct enquiries to the next available agent for the fastest response or by language to delight customers.

How it works
Customer profile with context
AI-powered bots & IVR
Inbound and outbound video and phone calls
Smart routing
Customer-staff relationship binding
Rich multimedia experiences
Telephony + digital channels
Multimedia engagement
Instant AI + Human support
Smart routing

Global Compliance Standards

GDPR Compliance

Quality Management

Cloud Security

Information Security

IT Service Management

Integrate the tools you use everyday

From business automation to analytics and more, connect to the tools you use to deliver personal and scalable support.

See how high-traffic industry solves their sales and support challenges

Aman Resorts merges traditional and digital channels with CINNOX

Aman Resorts switch to a hybrid connectivity solution by offering a digital click-to-call option.

Roche achieves digital transformation with CINNOX

Roche is using CINNOX as part of its digitalisation pilot program for support service and team collaboration.

How to grow your borderless business with virtual number

There are many ways a virtual number can help your business expand its local or national borders.
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