Transform interactions with hyper-personalised experiences

Revolutionise customer journeys by seamlessly weaving together traditional and digital touchpoints into one unified and personalised experience with omnichannel messaging.


What is omnichannel messaging?

Omnichannel messaging is the integration of multiple communication channels, such as traditional telephony, VoIP, email, SMS, live chat and social media, into a seamless and consistent customer experience.

Transform customer experiences into unforgettable journeys

Manage multiple channels on a single platform
Engage with customers in the way they prefer
Deliver timely information and support to customers
Get data insights to make better, informed decisions

Ignite customer conversations

Reach your customers where they are and increase the chances that they will engage with your brand!

Bridge the digital and telecom divide by unifying live chat, web and video calls, and messaging apps, while having the option of bringing in your own number for multiple channels
Create omnichannel experiences by starting with SMS, moving to web chat, using social chat, voice or video call in between, and finally wrapping up through WhatsApp or email with attachments
Online-merge-offline (OMO) customer data, consolidate cross-channel conversations and synchronise messages for a seamless shopping experience
Rich multimedia experiences, including real-time screen and file sharing, promotes engagement without interrupting conversations

Skyrocketing conversion rates

Convert more customers by providing hyper-personalised, targeted messages at the right time and place.

Lightweight CRM features give the right amount of customer information, including location, language and browsing history, for personalised experiences without traditional CRM complexity
Relationship mapping pairs the best agent with each customer, while using various routing rules to meet contact centre goals and improve conversion rates
Teams can work together to achieve first-time resolution by adding an agent to an enquiry, taking over or transferring enquiries, thus avoiding repetition or long wait times for visitors
Using chatbots frees up team resources, allowing them to focus on complex tasks and elevating productivity, resulting in better customer experiences
Enquiry labelling or notes adds personal notes that facilitates ongoing conversations, no matter which agent assists the customer

Better data and insights

Get valuable data and insights into customer behaviour, enabling you to make informed decisions, deliver better experiences, and enhance customer loyalty

Integrate multiple channels, helping you to identify the most effective way to reach, engage and convert customers
Real-time web dashboards enable data-driven decisions to improve CX, while chat monitoring offers insights and takeover opportunities for better experiences
Analyse the customer journey in detail so you can facilitate and speed up the buying process

Sell confidently and securely

Build consumer trust and encourage sales by securing personal data using robust data security and encryption measures.

State-of-the-art data encryption, data backup and recovery, and data protection systems safeguard your company and your customers at all times
Awarded ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certifications to help highly regulated industries meet strict compliance standards
Carrier-grade SLA guarantees an annual uptime of 99.95% with 24/7 real-time service delivery, monitoring and support

How do I get started with omnichannel messaging?

Start your omnichannel messaging journey with assessment, platform selection, quick integration, and team empowerment for a seamless customer experience!