The Hong Kong startup quickly and effortlessly launched online orders, built a customer database, and managed an omnichannel presence with one platform.

Premium CBD oil packed with natural goodness.

Relax, Refresh, Rebounce to your better state.


Rebounce is a startup founded in Hong Kong that sells organic and natural CBD oil products online. In Hong Kong, the local market is more conservatively inclined than Europe or the US, and CBD oil is widely misunderstood due to common misconceptions.

To build an audience of loyal users, Rebounce aimed to educate the local market via social media. Secondly, they wanted to engage expats and locals who had studied abroad that were already interested in CBD products, but couldn’t find any locally. Being present on as many channels as possible for facilitating orders via chat and call was imperative due to the diverse mix of consumer backgrounds and preferred channels.

Cost and efficiency were key factors. Operating too many channels could become burdensome and time-consuming, while selecting the wrong channels would be a waste of resources. Rebounce found CINNOX to be a solid, all-in-one platform that would scale with their business and reduce the need for other hardware and tools, minimising overhead.


Targeting health-conscious consumers, the products are organic and made with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Build an accessible brand with omnichannel presence in a short amount of time. Setup an ecosystem of business tools, affordably, without sacrificing quality.




Hong Kong SAR

Connecting remote teams with a customer-first system

A small team was operating out of a co-working space, while some staff worked remotely. Everyone was contributing to marketing and sales, so bringing together customer, business partner, and staff communication on one cloud platform enabled quick response times to customers, and easy collaboration to answer complex enquires via video conference, enquiry transfer, group chats, web calls, file and screen sharing.

Cost effective supplier communication

With products made in the US, Rebounce was able to make cost effective international calls with a local US virtual number. The team could also switch to video call to see product samples, packaging, or tour physical sites when discussing with new vendors – while keeping record of the interactions.

As startups often have high staff turnover, Rebounce removed the risk of losing communication records if a staff member resigned by centralsing it all through CINNOX. Staying on top of partnerships is crucial for supply chain, so any staff member could pick up a chat with a supplier and see the full communication history and carry on the discussion instantly.

Omnichannel presence

A presence on all the major instant messengers, live chat, and a toll-free number were set up and able to facilitate orders right from the get go. As Hong Kong is a trilingual society, smart routing connected customers directly to someone that spoke their preferred language based on browser settings – English, Cantonese, or Mandarin. All customer contacts were stored on CINNOX, giving Rebounce a CRM for their business, reducing the need for yet another investment. It also enabled the business to see order history and communication context for the same customer across different channels if they contacted Rebounce on more than one.

Taking the guesswork out of market positioning

At the start of every enquiry staff were able to check which products the customer had viewed, what device they were using, language they preferred, and more. This enabled Rebounce to provide a premium service, as well as build important data and insights about their customer behaviour.

Leveraging omnichannel reports to stay agile in the early stages

Initially Rebounce feared it would be difficult to guess when and where most orders or enquiries would come from to allocate manpower accordingly. But with CINNOX, Rebounce was able to review comprehensive reports for all their channels, staff, enquiries, and even traffic for different routing settings – instead of manually checking data on a dozen different channels separately.

Three-day setup, easy to use, all-in-one solution

CINNOX was able to give Rebounce their fully operational account in 3 days – including a virtual number, live chat installed on their web site, instant messenger integration, and all user accounts. The team just had to log in on their browser or mobile app to get going and start taking orders!

"As CINNOX is an all-in-one solution, I can reach out to a worldwide database, and facilitate orders across live chat, social media, telecom channels – and cookie packets too!

With CINNOX, we can even see the customer identity and interactions across different channels with one platform, giving us a lightweight CRM with useful data."

Sai Chan

Founder of Rebounce

Working with CINNOX

CINNOX has provided Rebounce a solution that combines convenience with RoI. They have been able to launch a fully operational business with the CINNOX platform in days. “CINNOX has been a great support to me and my business. They dedicated a team to support me as we discussed what I needed to launch and operate, and walked us through every step of the journey. We were in contact daily, they even had a few people come to my launch event to help set it up and make sure everything was smooth!” said Sai.

“CINNOX is focused on enabling business to curate impactful customer experiences, and they also provide an exceptional customer experience to their own customers. They do what they preach,” she added.

Value to Rebounce

A readily available platform with everything Rebounce needed for customer engagement, team collaboration, marketing – including video conference, CRM, reporting, and more.
Empowered all staff to easily and efficiently support sales and marketing – instilling the entrepreneurial spirit across the team.
Provided cost effective international calling for dealing with international suppliers.
Removed risk of staff leaving and taking important customer records or communication histories.